Click on  titles to download MP3 Audio Files: Below is a sampling of defriender. All words and music copyright Raymond Steers 2001/2002/2003. Recorded in Atlanta, GA.  Vocals: Raymond Steers  Bass: JJ Chance Drums: Mike Roberts Guitars: Nick Volpe  .  Additional musicians: Greg Lee,  Mike Wilkes,  Matt Wells Background vocals: Jennifer Little, Desiree  Special Thanks to  Harold Sellers for Drop-in-spur-of-the-moment percussion. All songs  engineered by Raymond Steers and mixed by Russ-T Cobb.

EVERYTHING Keep yourself tied down dont loose those earthly bounds and keep your love restrained there is no hope without pain and if you'd seen what i've seen then you'd believe we can change everything well i know that i'm the one as i touch you in the shining sun well a short time to live this life always remember this was right will you run away when i runaway?
IN YOUR FACE I don't belong I will not join I do not subscribe And I don't negotiate I do not compromise about my standing Now it might offend But I don't care I hope you can handle it And I don't want to be Part of your committee Cause I like to rock the boat Cause I'm right here In your face Where do you want me?  I don't conform you'll not see me comply I never bend my will I don't "ROCK THE VOTE" or care who's president but I still complain a lot Now I pray to her every day I ask her to go away Now that will offend but I don't care cause I know you can handle it  and although you think I'm bad  I've yet to show you what I have is loyalty no mediocrity real love  the kind you cant foresee so Where do you want me?
JELLY It's you, It's you You do something to my shell But on the inside I'm Jelly It's me, It's me I do something to the core of you but on the outside you're just Jelly And every day i feel like this could go away and on the edge of us is where I live It's true, It's you That I lean to when I am weak It's easier than standing on my own feet but on the outside you are strong like me
B4 go ahead and hurt me sell me as a white slave cause i could use the discipline use the discipline but what i don't understand is why it's not in the plan to be better than i was b4. go ahead and wreck me keep all my money cause i could use the poverty use the poverty but what i don't understand is why it's not in the plan to be better than i was b4. disarm your army baby remove you're clothing and maybe stand by the window wearing the sunlight giving me hope and dirty thoughts now what i don't understand is why it's not in the plan for us to be better than we were b4. confession action succession redemption you can make this all go away sit in the coffee shop and watch the gleam that's growing in my eye i lay my net of safety tell me of your violations what i don't understand is why it's not in your plan for you to be better that you were b4
BRUCE LEE Let me tell you a story about your birthday and how it didn't happen that way I hate to be the bearer but i just got to say cause you were born under a dark cloud baby  conceived on an evil Wednesday  you're not the flower that you claim to be just an aberrant oh like me Let me squeeze you in the morning till it feels like ahhhhhh lets make it a policy sex with you is sex with me cause i was born under a dark cloud baby baptized by an evil meter maid like a bad guy in a bruce lee movie all funky and super-groovy all funky and super-groovy Let me drive you to strange twisted and deranged i can promise you baby you might not like it but you'll never forget me.
PRECIOUS MOMENTS do yourself a favor sometimes let it all just ride i have been that way you made me that way i know its hard to see from here for what she does and does not care but i have seen the way she does not talk to me and remember all fine precious moments boil down to this one time. find yourself a way out a quick and convient route it only serves you if you don't use it go ahead and choose to fail success is hard to savor when you're alone now you are alone and now tell me when is it enough and tell me when will be enough